About Age Well Live Well

Resource Committee

Age Well ~ Live Well is a joint effort between the City of Denton, Texas Woman’s University, University of North Texas, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations—focusing on the wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

“Beyond just ‘not being sick’, wellness is a state of optimal health to which each of us can aim regardless of age, physical limitation, and income level. Wellness is a life balance that can be achieved by making the time to eat well, live active, manage stress and feelings effectively, connect with family and friends, focus on what gives meaning and purpose to life, learn something new, and seek personal satisfaction through life’s work while living within one’s means.”

The Age Well Live Well Initiative embraces a holistic, multi-dimensional view of wellness that aligns with the National Wellness Institute’s definition: “An active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence”.

How a person is doing physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually helps to define how well he or she is overall. So what makes you well? Better nutrition, fitness, stress management, financial management, lifelong learning, spiritual growth, community involvement, volunteering, and knowledge of social services in your community contribute to better overall wellness.

The Age Well Live Well Initiative is committed to providing you with relevant information on local resources that you need to be well. We challenge you to take charge of your own wellness, arm yourself with sound health information, and seek ways to make healthy choices each day in these areas.

Patrick Smith, Serve Denton
Pamela Sybert, UNT
Maggie Jover, Texas AgriLife
Murphy Hardinger, REACH
Missy Dickinson, REACH
Martha Garza, DARS
Lindsey Baker, City of Denton
John Cabrales, City of Denton
Pat Borgfeldt, Area Agency on Aging of North Central Texas
Doni Green, Area Agency on Aging of North Central Texas
Linda Holloway, UNT
Zanda Hilger, Z-Quest
Charles Stafford
Scott Payne, City of Denton
Nancy DiMarco, TWU
Ken Bomar, DADS
Katherine McPherson, Good Samaritan
Amma Cottrell, UNT

Health and Wellness Committee

Nancy Di Marco, TWU
Anna Love, Love to Live Well
Kim Mathis, Seniors in Motion
Jean Seward, Seniors In Motion
Marilyn Wagner, UNT

Evaluation and Research Committee

Katherine Dreyer, UNT
Susan Squires, UNT
Jim Swan, UNT
Keith Turner, UNT
Julia Wolfe, UNT
Becky Knight, UNT