Denton to Benefit from Age Well/Live Well Community Implementation Grant

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The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services has awarded the North Central Texas Council of Governments an Age Well/Live Well (AWLW) Community Implementation grant, in support of Age Well/Live Well—Denton.  The AWLW–Denton project is one of five projects selected for funding throughout the state.

AWLW grants are intended to help communities:

  1. Create health and wellness programs and policies
  2. Provide volunteer and community engagement opportunities, and
  3. Share information on the services and programs available.

Although AWLW is funded by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, the initiative is not limited to older persons or persons with disabilities.  Rather, it is a lifespan initiative that emphasizes it’s never too late—or too early—to make changes that contribute to wellness.  And wellness, more than exercise, is about getting involved in the community and preparing for the future in all aspects of life.

The DADS grant will allow Age Well/Live Well—Denton to engage a contractor to coordinate Age Well/Live Well (AWLW) activities and gather/post content for its website.  AWLW activities include the following:

  • Identify at least four community sites to host AWLW activities;
  • Work with Mayor’s office to introduce AWLW to the business community;
  • Survey businesses’ regarding their wellness program;
  • On the basis of the business survey, create a toolkit that includes best practices and local resources that support employees’ health and wellness;
  • Secure involvement from at least 100 area businesses that agree to promote employee health during the upcoming year;
  • Expand membership to include key partners;
  • Secure local media support to highlight the local initiative and educate the community about AWLW—Denton programs; and
  • Equip local advocates with the tools and resources necessary to expand the number of local program activities.

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