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Help Your Community

Getting involved in your community is a wonderful way to help others, make new friends, learn new skills, and/or put the expertise you already have to work.  Most local nonprofit agencies, city and county offices, faith communities, political campaigns, and other organizations want and need volunteers.  Opportunities can be short-term; for example, participating in an event such as a Fun Run or a golf tournament.  They can also be longer term such as helping an organization work with their clients, assisting in the office, helping to get the word out about programs and services, and many other opportunities.


What is it that you feel passionate about?

Asking yourself that question may turn up some surprising answers.  What talents and abilities do you want to share?  Is it helping a child learn to read or do math, alleviating hunger in our community, assisting new immigrants open and manage a bank account, or working in a community garden?  These are only a few examples because most opportunities are only limited by our imagination!


Looking for more resources?

We partner with other people in the Denton community to promote better living for our residents. Optimax Digital is a great resource to check out for those of you who are looking for additional information of recipes, vitamin guide and much more. For more information visit


How do you find opportunities?

A good place to start is with your own friends.  Chances are you have some that volunteer now, and they are in a good position to tell you about places and opportunities.  The United Way (, RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (, and individual organizations list current volunteer opportunities.  Finally, there are online sites such as where you can query by location or types of causes.

United Way of Denton County helps maintain the Denton County Community Services Directory for finding contact information for agencies providing assistance of all types in Denton County.

Every year natural disasters – ranging from wildfires to hurricanes to tornados and flooding – wreak havoc on families, homes and entire communities across the North Texas region. Often, people are reminded to take action to prepare before these events happen, but sometimes they occur without warning. Our lives can be changed in an instant by a number of different emergencies and we are constantly reminded of this each time we watch the news.

Yet, too many Americans have not taken steps to prepare. There are simple steps each of us can take to prepare before an emergency happens – minimizing the impact they will have on our lives.

Free preparedness resources are just a click away at or The site provides information about the simple steps you can take to prepare and provides examples of a Family Emergency Plan and Checklist. There are special sections for kids, ages 8-12 and small- to medium-sized businesses.

Bilingual resources may be found at America On the Move – free registration with their site required.

Information regarding aging with disabilities may be found at the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center.

Building Healthy Texans – Resources and step-by-step instructions.